Gilberto Gil – Stage Tour “Nós a gente”

Video set design, Tour

The “Nós A Gente” tour, by Gil family, performed in Rio, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Salvador, with set design by SuperUber. A backdrop with strips of elastic fabric that wrap around the stage with never-before-seen videos of the family — direct from Flora Gil’s iPhone, from the Gil collection and images from the Em Casa Com Os Gil series by Amazon and Conspiração, complemented by minimalist animations that subtly pulse with the rhythm of each song. The creative process included a lot of research to create this multiple visual identity. Mini documentary excerpts show Gil speaking at different moments in his career, before the songs, to show the richness of this immortal’s legacy.

The artists appropriated the set design, playing and interacting. The idea was to create an entrance portal for them, who enter the stage through the elastic fabrics. “The family is the main character, and the video set design is a support for images and shapes, with smooth movements. Unpublished videos of the family will be the surprise of the large projection, which completes this show of talent and affection”, explains Liana Brazil.

On the tour, Gil shares the stage with his sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-granddaughters and daughters-in-law and brings to the audience songs that have marked his career and continue to cross generations, such as “Palco”, “Vamos Fugir”, as well as songs by the Gilsons, by Preta Gil and an appearance by Bela Gil in a dancing scene.

General Production – Gege Artistic Productions
Video Set Design – SuperUber
Fabrication – Camuflagem
Equipment – ON

Images: Luke Garcia, Ramadas and SuperUber