Pulse @ S2 Heart, Museum of Tomorrow

Instalação interativa

SuperUber created the interactive installation Pulse, for the exhibition S2 Heart: the Pulse of Life, at the Museum of Tomorrow.

People try to recognize themselves in everything that surrounds them. When we find a song happy or sad, we are recognizing our emotions in the song. The heart is the conductor that sets the continuous beat, our inner rhythm. The pulse is the ground on which we create the melodies of the songs. The heart, like the beat of music, marks the rhythm of emotions. With these ideas, the interactive installation measures your pulse to show what your heartbeat is. We return to the visitor a rhythm of light and music. Each BPM (beats per minute) evokes a different song. The exhibition S2 was designed by the Museum of Tomorrow team and Estúdio Chão.

Photos: Renato Mangolin and SuperUber
Video: images Pedro Palmeiro, Liana Brazil | images and editing Doq Filmes