Vibra Open Air

Interactive project

SuperUber has been participating in the world’s largest open-air cinema event, Open Air, since 2005. In 2024, at the Vibra Open Air, SuperUber created a lounge with an interactive projection that captures the audience’s pulse and generates images from their heartbeats.

Inspired by the concepts of energy, movement, and encounters, this idea creatively connects the audience with the Vibra brand. The interaction captures and amplifies the audience’s pulse, intensifying with the participation of multiple visitors. When two people touch the sensors, their energy flows unite to create a unique image.

SuperUber’s creative interaction extends beyond the lounge with the hashtag #eunoVibraOpenAir (me at Vibra Open Air), displaying audience photos in a mosaic on the large outdoors movie screen. SuperUber has been experimenting with set design, interactivity, and content in previous editions since 2005.