“A Força do Querer” launch party

Pool projection

SuperUber transformed the swimming pool of the Hotel Gran Meliá Nacional, using 75,000 floating white balls, into a huge mapped projection screen for the launch of Globo Network’s new TV series. The multimedia experience also included large projections on the curved ceilings surrounding the pool, a trademark of the architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Performance moment

A performance of light and color brought the pool to life. The minimalist animations used vortexes, rippled graphics, and texts that were synchronized to the song “Quereres” by Caetano Veloso. At the end of the song, a continuous fluid movement passed from the pool to the big screen where the series’ clip was played.

Generative content

Before and after the performance, the projection exhibited generative animations, triggered and mixed in real time, responding dynamically to the party’s soundtrack. The minimalist images were inspired by manifestations of light and water, and elements of Rio de Janeiro and Belém, the city from where the main characters were from.

Ceiling projection

A special projection created translucent effects of reflected rays of light on the large curved ceiling around the pool area. Smooth movements swept the length of Oscar Niemeyer’s marquee.