Amazon experience @ Animasom

Interactive scenario

SuperUber created an interactive and educational experience for children, for Animasom, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The experience transports children to two immersive scenes: a tropical beach and the Amazon forrest. The scenes propose a dynamic and educational experience, that encourages children to interact with elements from nature in a sustainable way.

In the Amazon scene, children can play with species at risk of extinction and interact through fun actions, such as waking up sloths, changing the course of the river, and interacting with a group of ants that run away from them. The dynamic scene takes children on a journey down the river, and changes as the boat navigates.

In the tropical beach scene, the goal is to keep it clean. When picking up trash, children get new interactive elements to play with, such as a ball or a kite,  or they activate animations such as the  hatching of turtles crawling to the ocean.