Artificial Intelligence

Video set design

Video set design for the play Artificial Intelligence at the Experimentation Center of Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. The work of Argentine composer Miguel Galperín discusses the limits of Artificial Intelligence, and proposes a reflection on the human condition.

The non- linear narrative is supported by the set design.

The depth and fragmentation visual effects are achieved by surrounding the actor with modules of translucent fabric that show projections timed with the script. These modules allow a visual expansion of the analogies used by the character.

The fabric surfaces give rhythm to the set design and volume to the animated content. The minimalist animations, synchronized with the script and the actor’s gestures, turn him into a great maestro of the set. ” – says Liana Brazil.

The borders of natural and artificial are compared: the human limits juxtaposed to the almost unlimited memory aspects, data processing and durability of AI. From this central thread, the story is divided into two stages: the first discusses the relationship of the character with time; and the second talks about his relationship with words. The play staged at the Experimentation Center of Teatro Colón, one of the most innovative performance centers in Latin America.

Play credits: Miguel Galperín, Composer, director; Marcelo Delgado, actor; Ignacio Llobera, Assistant director, co-librettist, Sound design; SuperUber, Set and video design; Liana Brazil, Russ Rive, Visual direction; Kika Azedo, Animator; Lilian Sampaio, Technical design; Omar Duca, Technical director; Agustín Colli, Live VJ; Alfredo Morelli, Lighting director