Claro Cine Festival

Multimedia and interactive architecture project

SuperUber started with the concept of “Connectivity” to create the architecture and multimedia for Claro Cine Festival, which combines lounge areas, open air cinema, shows and bars in one integrated party experience.

At the entrance, a projected portal shows animations made especially for the volume of the facade making the architecture appear alive. The lounge has a wall covered by a large interactive projection, where visitors can select the animations. This optical wall plays with people’s visual perception of space based on their point of view. The lounge also has a large Multi-Touch table, where many people can manipulate images and videos at the same time. The cinema seats create the idea of a big screen in low-res using each chair as a colored pixel. Next to the gigantic movie screen, a specialized tent houses a ceiling made of 180 round screens that display animations synchronized to the music. There is also an interactive bar (Super Bar) in the tent – all objects placed on its surface are connected by lines.