DJ Alison Wonderland

Generative Visuals

SuperUber was invited by Listen and Microsoft to create interactive visuals and a custom VJ software for DJ Alison Wonderland’s new tour, which premiered at Lollapalooza. The show presents scenes that amplify the artist with graphics like explosions and particles, using the Surface Book and the Kinect camera to enhance her live performance.

Electronic dance music is so much about the energy. How do you take that energy and amplify it in a way that translates what the person is feeling and what they’re trying to express” — says Russ Rive, SuperUber’s director.

Just like it does for video games, the Kinect camera scans your body and then custom software interprets the scan to create real time visuals. SuperUber used two Kinect cameras: one in front, which captures the DJ’s facial expressions and hands, and another behind, which catches the DJ’s whole body. SuperUber created 10 different visual effects, which are very easy for the VJ to activate on a touch screen, using a custom interface. The show debuted at Lollapalooza in Chicago, August 2017.

To be able to be one of the people to say ‘yes’ and develop something really early is super cool. Technology is always moving and I wanna move with it” — Alison Wonderland.