Immersive Experience

FLOW is the first immersive experience at the Rio Art Museum, giving its programming a more interactive, collaborative approach. The immersive projection nucleus is surrounded by an interactive floor. FLOW explores continuous movement. Fluid, spontaneous, natural. It explores change, transformation, and cycles. The particles flowing on the floor connect the visitor to a nucleus of skies and waters, to the sound of nature and rhythms of congas and maracas, creating inside and outside, an inner and outer space.
FLOW is the infinite energy, which has always been and is constantly flowing, concentrating, spreading and taking on different forms – in the cosmos, in us, and in everything we produce. FLOW is inspired by Rio de Janeiro, where the exchange between urban and nature is intense. The flow of people and nature are complementary sides of the same – multiple, but unique – reality. 

Visit FLOW at MAR from May to December 2019.