Future Shock!

Interactive Virtual Reality documentary

For four billion years the world has been changing. This is now the Anthropocene, the age of humans. We all have a chance to create our future through the decisions we make every day.

From four continents (South Africa, Brazil, Denmark and USA), a team came together to develop an immersive virtual reality project. An interactive VR story that has the power to impact our perspectives by immersing the viewer into the context. The powerful experience grants the viewers control of their path while offering guidance to their journey through a story tree and an  information overlay of maps and real time data about climate and consumption.

There are 6 story-worlds on 6 continents. Each story is a journey bound by strong characters on the front-lines of climate change. The stories are accessible via a dedicated Virtual Reality app that allows you to choose where you start off, and where you end up. You are the central character – your decisions matter. The choice of which path to take is yours. Visit the website, meet the team and explore Future Shock! www.futureshockvr.com.