Mapping the Future at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

Interactive mapped sculpture

SuperUber was invited by Vice Media to create a sculpture that mixes projection mapping and interactivity. The sculpture is one of the surprises at Intel’s booth during the 2012 edition of the Mobile World Congress. The installation is the mix of experimentations – it unites projection mapping, mobile apps, animations, interactivity, augmented reality, integration with social networks, and sculpture design – all together in one project.

The sculpture’s shape is mapped with projection. The visitor interacts using a smartphone or tablet, where he can drag a virtual “sling” to dribble obstacles and reach the center, triggering a visual performance on the sculpture. Up to 6 players can collaborate to reach the common goal.
The angles of the physical sculpture influence the physics of the virtual projected layer. Each player’s shot goes up and down, accelerates and slows down according to the sculpture’s design. After a number of shots reach the center, a new texture is revealed through an animated performance that takes over the sculpture and the devices being used as interfaces.

Four large screens set next to the sculpture create a video wall that shows images of the performance in real time. The installation also has an augmented reality mode where visitors can see floating content over the sculpture through the devices’ camera. Visitors can share this experiece by taking a photo and posting it to Facebook or sending it to an email address.