Light Energy Museum

Interactive and multimedia exhibition design

Created in partnership with Light Energy Museum’s curators, the exhibition brings interactivity and games in three environments: Bright Room, Energy Tunnel and Dark Room. In the Bright Room, we see energy on a grand scale: sources, generation and distribution. We then pass through the Energy Tunnel that transforms us into energy particles, making the transition to the Dark Room, where we learn about the micro, the essence of energy and conscious consumption.

In the Bright Room, one of the experiences is the Game Forms of Energy, where visitors connect icons with the corresponding energy forms present in nature, in our home or in our body. A model made in lego represents the process of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity until it reaches cities, streets and houses.

The Energy Tunnel brings an interactive audiovisual experience, which plays with visitors’ silhouettes, making them realize that they are also a source of energy. The tunnel makes a passage from the macro to the micro. As the visitor walks, his/her shape made of particles spreads and expands, creating generative animations and sounds – generated from people’s movements.

In the Dark Room we understand the essence of energy. In one of the experiences, the visitor is invited to generate electricity to light up a building. Mechatronics experiments make magnetic and electromagnetic fields visible. The Efficient House game shows how it is possible to save energy at home. In the end, the main message of the exhibition is about conscious consumption.