NFT Rio Exhibition

Interactive and immersive exhibition design

SuperUber translated, in collaboration with NFTRio, the current moment of digital art. Presenting the universe of digital, generative and NFT art to the public in a didactic way is the mission of the exhibition at Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro.

The timeline tells the explosive story of the NFTs, including a glossary that teaches its main terms and slangs. The exhibition room features an “NFT open book” with a selection of curators, where the works are projected in a cascading fashion. On the large interactive screens, visitors see their hands in the digital environment to explore artists and collections, such as Fesq, Uno de Oliveira and Artblocks. “We literally put people’s hands inside the virtual world, through sensors that replicate their hands on the screen – so they can become familiar with the digital environment of the NFTs”, says Liana Brazil. Also in the exhibition are works by artists that have worked at SuperUber, such as Marlus Araújo and Vamoss, the latter pseudonym of the Director of Technology, Carlos Oliveira. In the immersive space, the public contemplates animations with a soundtrack of some of the most valued NFTs in the world – the first immersive experience with NFTs in history.