Museum of Portuguese Language – Technology direction

Interactive exhibition and Technology direction

In 2006, the Portuguese Language Museum presented a new way of thinking about the experience of a Museum. At the time, SuperUber created and developed the Words Alley installation, an etymology game.

In 2021, the new Museum of the Portuguese Language immerses the visitor in content, expands formats and uses unconventional technologies. SuperUber created new interactive and audiovisual content for the Museum – such as the new immersive animations for Praça da Língua – and did the technology direction. In the last 15 years, the popularization of technologies has allowed the replacement of large technical centers by distributed computing integrated into the set design. Instead of a large data center, smaller computers distributed throughout the Museum decrease the chances of failure and increase the power of the experience. In addition, the Museum is thought of as a unified platform that can be remotely monitored and updated by its team.

The Museum’s technology project also takes advantage of the power of communication in visitors’ pockets. The Museum experiences are translated into other languages ​​and the content is accessible through the Museum app – guiding visitors and making their smartphones a part of the experience.