MultiTempo @ Sesc Quitandinha

Interactive installation

Created for Sesc Winter Festival, MultiTempo is a central volume covered with large projections that expand the silhouettes of visitors to a large-scale realtime image, mixed with animated backgrounds and generative sound. Pre-recorded silhouettes represent artists, musicians, actors and dancers who participated in the Festival, awakening the audience’s memory and emotion. Inside the large central volume, a round table with projection shows a spiral of messages representing the passage of time. We reflect on the past 15 years, including the visitor as co-author of the present. The interior space creates a meditative atmosphere. We all live in the same “now”, each with a unique perspective, shaped by personal memories.

“Reinventing time” was the theme chosen to celebrate 15 years of the Festival. The public is invited to celebrate history, abstract time and space and enjoy different artistic expressions. In MultiTempo, the passage of time is gathered into a single, fleeting moment where everything happens at once.

During the 15th edition of the Festival, there were over 120 performances, movies, art exhibitions, workshops, literary meetings, book releases, urban interventions and seminars at the unique scenery of the Sesc Quitandinha Palace in Petropolis.