Projection at Light Institute Building Facade

Projection mapping

SuperUber created a multimedia projection performance that lit up, colored and distorted the Light Institute facade, a historical building in downtown Rio de Janeiro. On December 21st and 22nd, the animation and sound spectacle marked the inauguration of the building’s new lighting design and the opening of the Animando a Rua Larga Project’s second edition, created in 2010 to promote the cultural revitalization of the Marechal Floriano area. In the project’s first edition, SuperUber created a projection mapping show on the facade of Santa Rita Church.

The visual concept is connectivity. 2D and 3D animations create a visual energy flow through the architecture of the building connecting the architectural elements and distorting its volume.

A 2 minute performance with animations and synchronized original soundtrack composed by Lucas Marcier played multiple times throughout the night. Abstract images play with the building’s shape using effects that resemble light, energy fields, and sparks. At the end of the performance, the new lighting design of the facade is unveiled to the public for the first time. A 20 minute interlude between performances shows an animation of moving textures  covering the building.

Animando a Rua Larga Project:  Sponsored by the Light Institute and Rio Estate Secretary of Culture with support from Folha da Rua Larga, Instituto Cultural Cidade Viva and Pólo Empresarial Nova Rua Larga. The project unites local, government, and private initiatives to help preserve the area’s historical and cultural heritage.