Protective Forest @ Paineiras

Interactive exhibition

SuperUber created the interactive exhibition “Protective Forest”, with an overview of the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest in a 900m2 space located in the new visitor’s center at the base of the Christo statue in Rio de Janeiro. The content is presented using immersive and interactive technologies to tell the story of the Tijuca National Park.

The exhibition includes a large timeline that traces the history of the park, quotes of renowned visitors – such as Charles Darwin and Machado de Assis, and a large 120m2 scaled model that represents the 3200 hectares of the park. Interactive surfaces allow visitors to simulate ecosystems and the consequences of human actions.

In the ‘waterfall of biodiversity’ interactive projection, visitors can explore the vast variety of species in the Atlantic forest. Images captured with a drone are displayed on a immersive 180° projection highlighting the leisure and sports activities in the Park.

The children’s area is surrounded by illustrations where they can compare their age and size with the trees, find hidden animals and spy on the microcosm of the forest.

The Protective Forest concept – In the 19th century, the area where today is the Tijuca National Park had been devastated, which increased the temperature of the city and caused a water shortage. A huge reforestation was necessary and today it is common sense how important it is to keep it protected. The exhibition’s main concept “Protective Forest” reverses this notion. “We were inspired in the title given after reforestation: Protective Forest of the Union – not the fragile protected forest, but the one who protects us. Christ the Redeemer, one of the seven new wonders of the world, and one of the main icons of Brazil worldwide, is part of the Corcovado Mountain, which is in the Tijuca National Park. We want to highlight the importance of the conservation and use of such an amazing park, in the middle of a large city like Rio.” says Liana Brazil.