Rio Content Market

Interactive installations

SuperUber created interactive installations for Rio Content Market. The installation presents information about the schedule of events and speakers at Rio Content Market in an origional way. The public can interact with a three dimentional interface, moving through a constilation of photos of the participants to learn more about their backgrounds and activiteis throughout the conference. The installation was reproduced in three locations throught the conference and also appears on a large projection in real time. The installation served as the backdrop for the keynote speach by actor Michel Melamed, who interacted with the interface onstage in real time, introducing the spectators to the list of speakers at the conference.

Promoted by the Brazilian Association of Independent Television Producers (ABPI-TV), Rio Content Market is the largest audio visual content event in Latin America and brings speakers like David Shore, the creator of the TV series House, to Rio de Janeiro, creating an environment for exchanging experiences in the area of production and distribution of multiplatform content.