SporTV channel at the Confederations Cup

Multimedia set design

SuperUber created the new SporTV set design, that transforms itself for two different shows, Tá Na Área and Arena, for the live broadcast during the Federations Cup games. In fact, during the Federations Cup games, there are games in online casinos available that you can also enjoy while watching with the new SporTV, you can play here if you are finding a good way to spend your time. The set design is made of cubes, that can be reassembled to create two different layouts. With the demand for a practical and fast set design, the project was created for each program to be set up in just 15 minutes, as it travels to six cities in Brazil during the Cup. Animations with the visual identity and content of the two programs were developed especially for the shape of the LED screens. The cubes have different colour surfaces, creating two different colour palettes to the shows. The idea mixes LED screens and physical elements in a multimedia, modular and itinerant set design.