SporTV Set Design

Projection mapping for TV

The first projection mapped TV set in Brazil (and possibly the world) was commissioned for SporTV’s World Cup 2010 special. Custom software projects content from live feeds to graphic animations in perfect alignment with the unconventional surface. At 10 meters wide by 4 meters tall (32 x 13 feet), the format also allows off-site reporters to appear in full-scale on the projected columns, enabling conversations with the anchor to take place as if they were in a single environment.

Custom software and interfaces were  created to work seamlessly in the fast-paced live TV control room environment. Sophisticated backup systems were implemented for rapid hot-swap issue resolution. More  than 30 architectural  studies were done to resolve issues with camera angles and precise lighting control. Two sports channels use the set and are able to maintain different visual identities by changing camera angles and content.

The set was initially intended to be shown for 3 months, however the overwhelming response has extended the set’s life to over 4 years now and counting.