Tesla X-Ray

Interactive X-ray installation

Tesla Motors designs and manufactures innovative electric cars, known for both its impeccable design and revolutionary engineering. Tesla Motors was founded with the purpose of accelerating humanity’s transition to electrical vehicles.

To reveal the hidden features of the Model S, exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show, SuperUber created an interactive X-Ray screen. “The screen that we developed for the Model S is based on the idea that, to show people the true technological innovation of its car, we need to see the inside. It’s an interactive X-Ray of the Model S, showing all its innovative features and making the invisible, visible.” says Russ Rive.

The result combines technological expertise and creativity: a screen slider coupled to the base set design allows the audience to intuitively scan the car by moving the screen back and forth. The X-Ray reveals the features inside. Users can also touch the highlighted items on the screen to watch an animation of Model S’ different parts.

An idea that matches the company’s name, a homage to Nikola Tesla, famous scientist who, among other inventions, was responsible for the creation of the X-ray.