Tom Zé at Multiplicidade Festival

Set design and visual performance

SuperUber joined the irreverent musician Tom Zé in a unique performance at Multiplicidade Festival, at Oi Futuro. Held annually since 2005, Multiplicidade Festival joins experimental visual art and sounds in multimedia performances, and is curated by Batman Zavareze.

SuperUber created a visual performance that interacts with Tom Zé’s music and movements and real-time input. The installation projects images and animations onto layers of translucent strips above the stage. The layered screens create depth adding  a 3D effect to the visuals. The animations are synchronized with the music but also to a real-time controller, a wearable electronic gadget with wireless sensors. Tom Zé used his “Tomzerial” to manipulate the animations and trigger graphic explosions on the screens above his head.

SuperUber also participated in Multiplicidade Festival in 2007, with samba composer Walter Alfaiate.