Skol Beats Factory: Tiga + SuperUber

Multimedia experience

Skol Beats Factory is a pop up club created for electronic music lovers. The space was designed to promote the exchange of new ideas between public, producers and the people that make up Brazil’s electronic dance music scene.

Curated by VICE, the club opened with a performance of the canadian DJ Tiga and SuperUber. SuperUber created a visual experience specially designed for the party.

Exploring the notion that physical location is becoming less important in today’s world of virtuality, SuperUber experimented with the idea of having DJ Tiga projected in 3D in multiple locations throughout the party in real time. Party goers could put on their polarized 3D glasses and experience Tiga on multiple stages – everyone could have a front row experience. The visual show was a mix of minimal synchronized animations on large LED walls surrounding Tiga with multi-colored lasers shooting out over the crowds.

Making of video shows:

Thiago Hackradt _ Skol

Tony Cebrian _ Vice

Russ Rive and Liana Brazil _ SuperUber