Bays Of Our World @ Museum of Tomorrow

Interactive project

Bringing awareness to sustainability, the Museum of Tomorrow launched the permanent exhibition “Bays Of Our World”, with interactive experiences created by SuperUber in collaboration with the Museum, about 5 different bays around the world.

The beauty of the bay that received the first Portuguese when they disembarked in Rio de Janeiro in 1502 has caused astonishment ever since. But Guanabara bay suffered sedimentation, sewage, and oil leaks in the last hundred years.

Visitors also navigate through the Chesapeake Bay in the US, the Jakarta Bay in Indonesia, the Tokyo Bay in Japan, and the Bay of Sydney in Australia — learning their characteristics, challenges, and solutions, such as de-pollution projects. In “Scenarios for Tomorrow”, visitors make choices to help clean up each of the five bays.

In the Guiana Dolphin Game, the goal is to help the dolphins survive. Currently, there is a family of 39 dolphins in the Guanabara Bay – previously there were more than 1,000 – that need to deal with 18,000 liters of sewage being deposited per second. The dolphin must overcome obstacles, divert waste, sewage pipes, nets, and fishing vessels. After every third life lost, information and solutions appear on the screen.

The exhibition also features the “Bay Mural”, a large screen made up of constantly updated photos sent in by the public to denounce pollution sites in various parts of the world. Images are updated every 24 hours and displayed with captions and the names of the photographers.