Blow Four in Fred Jones Jr Museum’s Collection

Interactive installation

Blow Four is the first new media interactive piece  – and  the first Brazilian piece  –  acquired by the University of Oklahoma’s Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. It is on permanent exhibition in the Sandy Bell Gallery of Contemporary and Modern Art at the museum, in Norman, Oklahoma. The installation first traveled to Oklahoma to participate in the Creativity World Biennale in 2010.

Blow Four is a reflection on the ephemeral, using people’s breath to bring images to life. The four points of interaction resemble soap bubble blowing rings. As the visitors blow, the installation amplifies an essential action of the body, making the visitor an essential part of the installation. The visitor’s breath keeps the image alive — without it, it goes back to its resting state. The images are graphic particles that come together to form different conceptual shapes. Up to four people interact at the same time. The installation connects people – only by collaborating can the complete image be revealed.