CRio: International Creativity Festival

Curatorship and artistic direction

SuperUber participated in the International Creativity Festival (CRio) that happened for the first time in Latin America. Liana Brazil was the curator for the World Creativity Biennale and artistic director of the Festival and SuperUber created the visual identity of the Festival.

Liana was invited by Washington Fajardo, president of the Rio World Heritage Institute and Paulo Borges, director of Luminosidade. For the Biennale, she selected 19 contemporary artists from different countries to create a mosaic of cultures and styles, with the theme Redesign and Urban Transformation. With a variety of formats – photographs, sculptures, videos, interactive installations, animations, prints – Liana gathered works that approach the issue of urban transformation, covering topics such as individual and collective, public and private, symbols, memories, sustainability and globalization.

SuperUber developed the visual identity starting from the concept that the city is made of encounters. The result brings icons that represent not only the antagonism, but also the coexistence of symbols that express these encounters. Liana gives an example: “One of the visual identity icons is a wheel, half bike and half car. The city isn’t only made of one of them, is made of the coexistence of both”. The introduction animation above was specially made for the Festival, it shows all combinations of images that symbolise these encounters, and has its sound created by Lucas Marcier. The colors create graphical patterns in the Festival’s set design –  these patterns are concentric movements that evoke transformation, evolution, expansion – consistent with the event’s theme.