Guarulhos Airport Exhibition

Multimedia and interactive exhibition

SuperUber created an unprecedented permanent interactive exhibition in Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo. The goal is to display a timeline of the airport, from its creation to its expansion plans for upcoming major events such as the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics Games 2016.

The exhibition takes the visitor into an immersive environment with 21 synchronized and interactive Full HD screens arranged in an arc and occupying a perimeter more than twelve meters wide. The exhibition’s highlight is the visual richness of the images and the historical, tourist and market information presented in an intuitive and dynamic interface. The space was created in collaboration with Comunicação Mais, Arte 3 and Tecnopop.

The installation is marked by colorful lines that resemble travel routes – a reference to the new visual identity of the airport. It is situated strategically in the high-traffic area between concourses A and B in Terminal 2.