ModoLuz at Sesc Festival

Projection mapped sculpture

ModoLuz is a giant sculpture with synchronized projections and sound. The shape is specially created for the unique Quintandinha hall, in Petrópolis, during the 2011 Sesc Rio Festival. Located in the center of the 40m / 132 feet diameter space, the sculpture is 10 m / 33 feet high and has a 6,5 m / 22 feet base. It is asymmetric and cubic, in contrast with the curved lines of the hall.

The performance projects abstractions, colors, animations, landscapes and textures, fragmented over the sculpture’s shape. The audio, composed by Lucas Marcier, is synchronized to the images, explores the natural repetition created by the hall’s unique acoustics. The Mauá hall is the second largest dome in the world, and used to be the location for Quitandinha Palace’s Casino, visited by celebrities from all over the world since the 40s. Many of them recommend playing online on the site

The projection lights up a large lounge around it, that invites the public to contemplate the spectacle of animations and sound.