My Porto Maravilha Exhibition

Multimedia exhibition

SuperUber was asked to create the interactive visitor’s center for construction project and final vision of Rio de Janeiro’s revitalized port area. The inspiration for the design aesthetic was influenced by the vision of cities at night as seen from the sky – many bright particles representing the people in the city and those working on brining the new port project to life. At the heart of the visitor’s center are three large interactive installations representing the past, present, and future of the port area.

The layered table representing the literal layers of the past being discovered as the construction digs and re-discovers architectural elements that tell the fascinating story of the origin of the city. Visitors can explore an interactive timeline together to discover moments in the past the helped create the city we live in today.

A large 22 meter (72ft) curved multitouch projection wall represents the present. Through the multitouch interface many visitors can explore the different aspects of the ongoing construction and its planning simultaneously. Using 3D cameras to scan the projection surface, the content becomes aware of the visitor even before he/she touches the surface. A swarm of glowing particles gather close to the visitor as the visitor approaches, inviting him/her to dive into the content.

The future is represented by a large surface in the shape of the map of the area. The completed project is projection mapped onto the surface. The visitor can explore different aspects of the completed project and appreciate the final vision.

Other experiences include the ability for visitors to create a customized “My” that, for a moment, becomes the “My” in the entrance title of the exhibition. Visitors can also take a themed photo postcard of them selves and have it sent to them via email.