Rio Musica Exhibition

Multimedia and interactive project

SuperUber created a multimedia and interactive project for Rio Música, at Centro de Referência da Música Carioca. The exhibition puts together for the first time instruments, videos, and interactive installations about Rio’s musical panorama, from the times of Tupinambás in the 16th century to today’s Brazilian funk, rap and electronic music. Curated by Rosana Lanzelotte from the Música Brasilis Institute and architecture by MPDM Arquitetos. Here you will get the best Music related info, do visit.

The Interactive Timeline shows authors and events. The installation Notes’ Path shows different “visual tracks”: animations from the American artist Stephen Malinowski, who also did the Biophilia app animations for Bjork. The visitors can trigger each visual track separately. 

The installation Musical Table, in collaboration with musician Tim Rescala, is a music sequencer where visitors move physical markers on a table to create an unlimited number of variations on a song. Each color quadrant on the table corresponds to one of four  synchronized    instruments in a base track and each section a unique modification to tonality or rhythm. The visitor can add, remove and move the markers around the table to create their own version of the music. The Musical Table “reads” your composition with light and sounds.