Super Pong Stadium

Immersive Installation

As a major upgrade to SuperUber’s classic: Super Pong, we created an immersive stadium sensation with real-time reactive fans. The new version was specially created for the exhibition “A Copa de cada um de nós” [The people’s cup] at Sesc Bauru for the period around the 2014 Soccer World Cup. The immersive projection room shows silhouettes of fans reacting immediately to the game moments, vibrating with goals and complaining with wrong moves, when you click here you will find out what I am talking about. The reactions were created from filmed iconic moments.

Super Pong is a study in minimalist games. Inspired by the classic 8-bit games, Super Pong is a mashup of Pong and Foosball. Two teams of 4 players each compete in fast paced games of reflex and team work. Super Pong has been shown in many exhibitions around the world – Brazil, USA, England, Germany, India and Canada.