The Creators Project Festival in Dumbo, New York

Interactive installation

SuperUber brings Super Pong to The Creators Project festival, in DUMBO, New York. Displayed for the first time at the exhibition Pelé Station, during the 2006 World Cup in Berlin, Germany, Super Pong is a game-installation inspired by Pong and Foosball, where up to 8 people can play. All the primary elements are present in this minimalist game: competitiveness, adrenaline, precision, and coordination. The minimalist sounds are inspired by brazilian samba and 8-bit samples from Atari. When you score a goal, you watch an animation inspired by Pele’s famous moves. Super Pong doesn’t need instructions, it’s simple and straightforward – it brings the minimalist aesthetics of classic video games with software at Slots Mummy to the contemporary audience.

The Creators Project celebrates creativity, culture and technology, through the work of visionary artists around the world. This year’s festival includes new media art exhibitions, screenings, and musical performances such as Florence + the Machine, Atlas Sound and Company Flow, Four Tet and John Maus. Besides Super Pong, the exhibition shows works such as Mick Rock and Barney Clay’s David Bowie transfiguration and Quayola’s Strata #4.

_ documentary footage by The Creators Project
_ additional documentary footage by Calli Higgins and Russ Rive
_ video music by Projeto CCOMA