Transformation Exhibition

exhibition design and content curatorship

SuperUber created the opening exhibition of Casa Firjan. In a space committed to ideas and reflection about the challenges faced by the new economy, the Transformation exhibition is a tribute to the industry of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and its capacity to transform society, adapt to new challenges and stimulate creativity. It is formed by the exhibits:

– Connections: it happens in three parts. “Identities” is about the evolution of industry having the professionals as the structural axis of the narrative. “Convergence” shows 20 examples of entrepreneurship that are changing the way we think about industry. In “Horizons”, topics such as professions of the future, education, technology, artificial intelligence, creativity, sharing, circularity and transparency converge to discuss the possible futures we can build together.

– Pioneers: a tribute to the great founders of the industry in Brazil – like the former resident of the house, Guilherme Guinle -, their areas of work and the connections between them.

– Materiality: industry transforms, art resignifies. Five visual artists – Adrianna Eu, Raul Mourão, Cassio Vasconcellos, Tulio Pinto and Gustavo Prado – use the language of industrial iconography and materiality in works that represent transformation. Art Curator: Marcello Dantas.

In addition to the exhibition, SuperUber created the projection mapping for the inauguration, a webapp with an audio guide and a 360º virtual tour of the exhibition. Visit:

360º Virtual Tour:

Webapp audio guide: