DTV: Addressable Advertising with Calvin Harris

Personalized interactive installations

In collaboration with Relevent, SuperUber developed engaging activations for DirecTV’s new campaign, “Addressable Advertising”: an interactive bar, data visualization screen, and an interactive lounge. People interacted using 300 custom RFID and wireless LED battery powered bracelets, fabricated specially for the event. The bracelets were activated in specific moments throughout the night — the completely new, proprietary technology allows multiple personalised touch points. The bar knew your favorite drink. The TVs knew your favorite movie. The lounge walls changed to your favorite color. All triggered automatically by your bracelet. During the keynote, DirecTV speakers used the bracelets to call out specific audience segments — from dog owners to Jets fans — as their bracelets lit up, showing the power of targeting in a very personal way. During the hour-long Calvin Harris DJ set, visitors’ bracelets would light up and blink to the music during their favorite song. The person identifies him/herself with the brand, in a unique, custom-built experience.