Filtr VJ @ Rock in Rio

Interactive VJ app

VJ FILTR experience turned people into maestros of the Supernova stage screen at Rock in Rio Festival. You can touch your cell phone screen to create dynamic animations, inspired by the cosmos, that collide with graphic elements on the screen and overlap with the interaction of other participants. It gamifies and democratizes the experience of being a VJ, and empowers visitors as creators, amplifying their visual choices to the stage.

The idea is to integrate Rock in Rio visitors and people outside the festival, in a spontaneous collaboration. It is a webapp, which can be accessed by a browser with internet access, from a cell phone or computer. Animations are generated from effects created exclusively for the experience, inspired by the FILTR visual identity and the concept of the Supernova stage, and optimized for the collective experience. The end result is a dynamic constellation of colors and shapes, trails and particles, which places the audience inside the performance.

The Supernova stage was curated by Filtr, Sony Music’s entertainment platform, and featured up-and-coming artists from different regions of Brazil – such as Teto or Jovem Dionísio, as well as established names that never performed at Rock in Rio before, such as Ratos de Porão.