Intel 49ers Inside the Game – Future of Biosensing

Interactive installation

SuperUber created an experience that explores the technology and emotions of the future of biometric sensing. The experience, developed in partnership with Vice and Intel, is installed at the new Levi’s 49ers high-tech Stadium in Santa Clara (CA).

Inside the Game showcases Intel’s new depth-sensing 3D cameras. The installation blurs the limits of biosensing, mixing a collection of real data with a simulation of what will be possible in the near future. The interface scans the visitor’s face and body and then recognizes facial expressions and other data, such as heart rate. The software then builds an avatar: a 49ers player with the visitor’s face. The position of the player on the field is determined by the facial expression detected.

The project was built on Intel’s cutting edge RealSense technology which will be applied to laptops in the near future.