Parada Coca-Cola – Experience design

Experience design

In partnership with Coca-Cola, SuperUber created the experiences for Parada Coca-Cola, during the Olympic Games in Rio.  The space immerses visitors in vibrant and high-tech media experiences designed to share golden moments.

Immersive room _ a multi sensory experience takes the visitor on an immersive journey. Large visuals, the scent of Coca Cola, cold vapor and the feeling of wind all are part of the initiation, preparing visitors for the moment they enter the space.

360 _ two experiences using 28 cameras each, mounted in a curved structure. All cameras take a photo at the same time of the visitors performing a movement. Custom software stitches the photos together creating a Matrix style video of the moment frozen in time. The video is then sent for the visitors to share.

Dance _ in collaboration with Microsoft and Ubisoft, SuperUber transformed the famous game “Just Dance” into a custom experience where groups of friends can wage live dance battles.

Photogenic camera roll moments _ SuperUber created various spots throughout the space for visitors to take fun and creative photos of each other using custom refraction lenses and kaleidoscopes.

Augmented reality _ a fun photo experience.  What at first appears to be a mirror, face tracking software turns it into an image of the visitor with the head of the iconic Coca Cola polar bear.