Interactive installation

SuperUber created a new interactive kiosk concept for SolarCity, the leader in solar system financing and installation in the United States. The goal was to create a captivating and fun experience with a strong visual identity that clearly communicates Solar City’s advantage for homeowners and businesses.

The new SolarCity experience is placed in Best Buy stores around the United States. Using a fun and intuitive interaction design, and the latest interactive technologies, clients interact in a unique way: they see their silhouettes filled with thousands of energy particles – translating SolarCity’s “The New Power Generation” concept. By moving their hands in the air they explore images and videos showing the SolarCity advantage. Visitors can also approach the touch sensitive screen to register for a free simulation of a solar system for their home or business.

The design creates a SolarCity interactive visual identity. The New Power Generation energy silhouette will be used in different installations – a strong and recognizable image that adapts to many formats, creating a strong identity that conveys SolarCity’s message, regardless of location.