Mistral Concept Store

Multimedia and interactive project

One of Brazil’s leading wine importers and distributors, Mistral reached out to SuperUber for an intuitive, content-driven installation for its first concept store. SuperUber created the multimedia project with multiple interactive screens and a special interactive table that up to 3 visitors can use  at the same time, using the products as the interface. The bottle is used as an interface to reveal information about the wine, creating an intuitive interaction. The interface is based on the customer’s two most natural actions: selecting a bottle and placing it in front of them on the table and spinning it around to read the labels. The table recognizes when a bottle is placed on it  triggering an animated menu on the table top display that highlights that wine’s attributes, origins and suggested food pairings.  Rotating the  bottle navigates  through the  menus.  

A  CMS allows staff to add products and update information.