Oi Futuro at Casa Grande Theatre

Interactive installation and set design

SuperUber designed the whole space — a brief experience of the Oi Futuro Cultural Center, on the 3rd floor of Casa Grande theater. Oi Futuro is the main art and technology center in Rio de Janeiro and Casa Grande is an iconic theater in the city. The space Oi Futuro Experience presents different interactive and multimedia installations:

  • a multi-touch table, the first one developed in Brasil. It allows the visitors to browse photos, videos and information about the Oi Futuro cultural center.
  • TV Tuner; where the visitor can tune in various channels, including two surprise live cameras installed inside the theater.
  • an electronic mosaic, where visitors can lit up colored cubes just by approaching the “pixels”. The cubes form a grid of colors that reflect the visitor’s actions.
  • interactive colored lines installation; colored projected lines follow the visitors’ movement. It creates a flow that continues to move to the center of the space.